Winter 2005 Tour Journal Entry: 9

writing from geneva, switzerland…we played our last show of the tour last night and are driving back today to amsterdam where jack and i will fly back to l.a. we are so frickin’ happy to be getting back and while the tour was great, we are ready to put a fork in it–or rather a swiss army knife … HELLO. man that was stupid–did i just write that out loud? the audience was the smallest of the whole tour last night, and supported my plan to barely crawl to the finish. actually they were cool and the show was fun. it was snowing tons yesterday so it may have dissuaded some from coming out.  this morning the sun is out which will make our 10 hour drive to amsterdam a little easier at first. there’s been snow on the ground for the last two weeks in all the cities where we’ve been, so i’m sure we’ll hit some on the drive up north.  eleni’s drummer, kevin fitzgerald, a swell guy as well, grew up in alaska so has experience with driving in snow.  he has done all the driving for the entire tour. it made me feel like a princess. i got some really nice emails from people who saw us along this tour and i wanted to say that it helped our spirits immensely.  hopefully we’ll be coming back at some point later this year, but with the whole quartet this time. thanks from jack and me for the support of our families and friends while we were away. we can’t wait to see everyone. it’s been a long month.  peace out.


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