Winter 2005 Tour Journal Entry: 8

winterthur, switzerland. last night we finished our last show in germany to a sold out crowd of 220 in munich. super fun and the show went well. we stayed in a cool old hotel that had a wonderful bar downstairs. we were there for two nights and the first night we drank too much, so the next day, the day of the show, we were all a bit exhausted…the promoter from the munster show drove 10 hours to the munich show so we had a drink with him as well. he is very cool. also, a radio dj from frankfurt came on a 4 hour trainride to the show and to interview me for his show. it was a great interview and he’s going to send me it when it is completed. he has to go back and re-record all his questions into german and then edit in my answers. the night before munich, we played in vienna. here’s the weird thing about austria though–we didn’t see one frickin kangaroo, and when i asked for a fosters they had no idea what i wa…oh, you know i think that’s australia. oops. well, i better go try and throw up this vegemite. we have 5 shows left, all in switzerland, and then we’ll drive 9 hours back to amsterdam on the 7th and 8th. jack and i will fly out on the 8th back home and eleni’s band is flying to venice to do one last show before they come back as well…i’ll try to write again.  hope all is well with everyone reading this..


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