Winter 2005 Tour Journal Entry: 6

writing from tuttlingen, germany which is basically this beautiful little ski town of some sorts. the show we played here last night was really fun, but a little odd as it was in basically a restaurant lodgey sort of place. in cologne jack and i had no show because eleni’s band was opening for a supposedly “beloved german pop star” who i swear not one person whom we asked had ever heard of. anyhow jack and i had made plans with a couple of people we met in munster to meet in cologne by the cathedral (they live in cologne, but had come to munster for the show). we were late, but through a very weird series of events involving the cathedral tower and a unicycle, we ended up finding them (not true about the unicycle) and they showed us around cologne and we had an incredible time. so thanks to florien, claudia, and andreas. they were so cool. that night we all went to a club downtown for a record release party of another trocadero records artist (fink). we met the owner of trocadeo and had some drinks and then left to go to another bar. very very fun…we’re off today for our first show in austria. we have a long drive ahead, so i’m signing off for now.


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