Winter 2005 Tour Journal Entry: 7

writing from vienna. the last few shows have been really great, but mostly all of them have been…last night we played in wendelstein, germany in the upstairs gymnasium of a kindergarten. a really cool old building and at night they set up chairs and tables. it was sold out. after the show we fingerpainted and then jack showed everyone his butt…apparently, the quartet got airplay on indie 103.1 in los angeles, so all of the l.a. people reading this, call and request the record (the song they played was “los angeles”).  we sold a bunch of records last night and it was really a fun show. vienna is super super cold, but jack and i just walked downtown. great city. tomorrow we’re off to munich and then to switzerland for the remaining 5 shows. amazing that it’s coming to an end. not much more news, but i’ll hopefully write again in the next day or two…best to everyone.


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