Winter 2005 Tour Journal Entry: 1

jack and i are in duisburg germany today. our first show was last night in utrecht, netherlands. very fun and the venue folk were as nice as can be. all the workers were volunteering just for the love of music…just like playing in los angeles, except not at all the same. we are missing our families, but having fun with eleni mandell and her band. just getting to know everyone at this point, but everyone is very cool… we also miss mike and jim (the missing quartet members) and we were listed on tonight’s show as the full quartet. won’t everyone be surprised. jack and i are sounding good though and the crowd response last night was excellent. the european speed of life is really suitable to touring…a bit slower and fun. great coffee, beer, and the good news about netherlands, weed…luckily my parents aren’t reading this. ok, all for now. thanks for everyone’s support so far.


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