Winter 2005 Tour Journal Entry: 4

writing from brussels. we played last night in ghent. what a beautiful city it is. we have been in brussels for two nights now and just took the short trip to ghent last night for the show and then returned to brussels. tonight we play here, and then tomorrow back to germany. the show last night was a lot of fun. my humor, or lack thereof, was completely lost on the crowd and at one point i turned to jack and just as i said “man i’m getting killed out here” he said “there’s no stopping you, hillman.” at which point we almost started laughing hysterically and really had to fight to keep it together. the crowd warmed as the set progressed, but i think it was more of a cultural personality because in the end they were really supportive. it was the only show so far where everyone sat in chairs for both our and eleni’s show so the whole vibe was a bit subdued… when we get to geslingen, jack and i will take a day and travel by train to ulm and then on to munderkingen where i lived with a family there for two months in 1990. they are still in the same house and they are all coming in (the kids are now grown and live in other cities) to see me. it’s been so long and i can’t wait. we will then train up to frankfurt in time for the next show… after 7 shows we’re pretty much in the swing of things. we miss having the whole quartet together, but hopefully next time. our best to everyone.


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