“Tercero” Review by Maurice Dielemans of Kinda Muzik

Sid Hillman: he comes from Los Angeles, is the nephew of the legendary Chris Hillman from The Byrds (and also The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Desert Rose Band) and years ago he once sent me a package containing the untitled debut from his band, The Sid Hillman Quartet. But Sid Hillman does not try to recreate the psychedelic country rock and the safe bluegrass music of his rich uncle.

Although there is usually no living to be made from autumnal, gloomy manmade music – just ask Robert Fisher from Willard Conspiracy – he nonetheless seems to have found his niche with the new release from The Sid Hillman Quartet, called simply Tercero. The record is produced by the folks at Trocadero, who are getting the new year off to a start straight away with a number of strong releases including fantastic records from Kelly Pardekooper, Eleni Mandell and Angel Dean %26 Sue Garner.

Tercero from The Sid Hillman Quartet is also recommended, and this time we are not served up easy-listening pop songs. There is therefore little point in discussing the numbers one by one. It must also be said that it is only after having listened to this several times over that the melancholy singing of Sid Hillman and the unilateral tracks on the dark Tercero make room for solemn country noir. But let’s be honest: true growth records like Tercero are often also the best and achieve the most.

Maurice Dielemans
Kinda Muzik


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