Fall 2005 Tour Journal Entry: 6

waldbronn, germany. well i’m leaving for home tomorrow, and am writing from cacavas’ house. spent the day getting last minute crap done. i played the headline show last night in offenburg. not the greatest turnout, but fun nonetheless. chris sat in on 3 songs. he and his son dylan came out for it and then headed back afterwards. i stayed in the hotel and took a train back to his house this morning. the promoter, stefan was super cool and a big fan of the quartet for almost two years now.  he dj’s as well and plays the quartet often. he requested ‘how do you want me’ which i was able to play luckily though i hadn’t planned on it. i’d like to go back to offenburg because it was really a nice town.  also he took us out to dinner at the nicest restaurant of the whole tour with the best food. worth the trip, no? speaking of food, chris is a damn good cook and is upstairs getting a big last dinner ready before my trip home. he’s also cracking a bottle of 15 year old single malt scotch (my big weakness…that and smokes…but am managing to limit those to touring and recording only…hmmm). i will miss him and his family a lot. it was so fun spending time with him on the road and his crew as well…alas, though, i am incredibly homesick and can’t wait to see my wife and daughter. the time is really creeping by right now….i know i’ve mentioned it in some of the other entries, but my plan upon returning home is to try and figure a way for the whole quartet to come back over to europe some time next spring perhaps….in the immediate future i will finish up the last work on the new album (mastering and artwork) and will let everyone know about release dates when i get them…btw, check out chris cacavas at chriscacavas.com and buy his frickin’ records. you won’t be disappointed. he’s way underrepresented and definitely brings the rock. till the next tour, peace out and thanks to everyone who supports the quartet….


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