Fall 2005 Tour Journal Entry: 5

writing from waldbronne, germany at chris cacavas’ house. we drove back today from our last show in ebensee, austria. the last few shows were excellent. zurich was super fun, and when we arrived, the promoter asked how many of us there were. we told him five and the next thing we know he’s bringing us five swiss army knives.  no joke. i don’t know, maybe they have to give those things out, but it was so great. at the end of the night he gave us swiss chocolate (again, no joke).  i was all “what now, dude, swiss miss hot chocolate?”  and he was all “get out of my club you dirty american.”  I left with the knife though, so i think i won that little battle. seriously though it was a great show and a really nice venue. we drove a long drive the next day to ebenssee to the same venue i played last february. it’s on a lake surrounded by mountains. almost too beautiful. it’s a little theatre and lots of people came so it was a really fun night. for chris’ encore i jumped on stage and played some guitar on his last song. very rocking and so much fun. afterwards we joined a bunch of the locals at a little pub nearby and stayed there until 5 am….the austrians there drank almost to oblivion.  filipo (chris’ bass player) got some great video. we also challenged some locals to a few games of foosball and pretty much showed them what’s what… this morning we barely got out of bed and drove the 8 hours back to chris’. tomorrow i’m off to my headlining show in offenburg. chris may join me as he sat in at every show on the tour on accordian for a couple of songs which was really great.  so the cacavas portion of the tour is finished. it was very sad saying goodbye to rainer (sound tech, and driver), filipo (bass), and willy (drums). all great guys and i really hope to see them again in the near future.  it was so much fun hanging out with them every night…well, i’ll try and write one more time before i head home on the 11th.  to all the folks who came out to the shows, thank you and i appreciate the support i received on this tour and it was great meeting so many people who had seen me last february and had come out to see me again. i plan on bringing the quartet out for the next tour… peace out.


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