Fall 2005 Tour Journal Entry: 4

nurnberg, germany.  we had a great last two shows, halle, and nurnberg. good crowds and good response. chris cacavas’ set is really rocking and he is a great guitar player as well. a pleasure to watch. he and i have been talking about perhaps coming back to europe in the spring to do a duo/acoustic tour where we alternate songs and accompany each other on everything….the tour is coming down to the last few shows. today we have a long drive to zurich, and then on to ebensee, austria. the tour with chris will end there but then i have a solo headlining show in offenburg before i head home. yesterday i bought a 20 euro ukulele to play at the offenburg show. i have to play for about an hour and a half, so i thought i might mix it up a bit. oh, also a super cute dancing monkey in a sailor outfit. the germans will absolutely love it. i’ve name it cluck cluck. i’m not sure why yet. i am missing home, but on the whole, this tour is really fun and everyone is getting along famously.  it is a little weird going back to the same venues where i was for the first time last february. seeing the same cafe’s etc. it is becoming strangely familiar whereas before europe seemed so outside of my everyday experience. i walked into a cafe in frankfurt where i had been on the last tour, and the owner and his wife recognized me when i walked in. jack and i had only gone there maybe three or four times last february, but they remembered….since most of the shows on both tours have been in germany i have now spent a good amount of time here and seen tons of the country. i have really come to appreciate the people and culture…. at every show i get asked when i will return with the quartet…the answer is as soon as possible. i think it is getting to be time, so i’ll try and figure out how to do it when i get back… peace out.


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