Fall 2005 Tour Journal Entry: 3

berlin, germany. for some reason it’s been tougher on this tour getting to the internet. but damnit, i’m trying my best…we’re heading to halle today and have five shows left. the show last night was fun, but not that many people. we have had our best shows in the smaller cities. people come from all around to see those shows, and the energy is much better. perhaps all big cities are getting as crappy for good music as los angeles. go figure.  the tour is still super fun though and cacavas and crew are pleasure to travel with. lots of late nights and laughing.  i’m doing laundry right now after having had to wear the same socks two days in a row. good times. takes me back to college, though back then i was doing that on purpose. i hope everyone is doing well. i will try to bring back copies of tercero to sell on the web site, so keep checking back…ok, will write again soon hopefully. peace out.


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