Fall 2005 Tour Journal Entry: 1

kassel, germany. i arrived in germany yesterday and took a train to karlsruhe, where chris cacavas (the guy i’m opening for) lives. he picked me up. i spent the day trying not to fall asleep and having a great time with his family. he is very cool and we had a great time hanging out last night at his local pub.  today we met up with his band and drove to kassel. right now he is soundchecking and i’ll be next. the band and sound guy are swell as well so the tour has started off quite jovially. by the way i’m going to stick with ‘jovially’ as a word for now. i feel fairly strong about it. if it’s not a word it’s only because my english is a little rusty after all this time in germany…. of course missing my family alot, but also missing the quartet and jack since last february he and i were together over here. next time i really hope it’s possible to bring the entire quartet. germany is ready for us finally. and we will, in chris cacavas’ words, “bring the rock.” nothing much else to report right now…just getting my barings and eating a fair amount of cheese.   send e-mails…it cheers me up. peace out.


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